Contrite Posada apologizes.

by David Veloz

It didn’t take long for Jorge Posada to apologize for his actions yesterday, before the Red Sox/Yankees game.  Posada attributed his actions to a “bad day,” and that the team was more important than “Jorge Posada.”  Well, I’m glad that Posada acknowledged that his actions were wrong, but for him not to realize that before the fact, with his team struggling to score runs and win games, makes Posada look very foolish.

But Posada shouldn’t bear the sole responsibility for yesterday’s drama.  The Yankees are just as culpable for what happened yesterday, and this goes back to the winter when they announced that Posada would be the everyday DH knowing full well that he would be uncomfortable in that role with the team.

In a way, the Yankees’ front office should stop using kid gloves when they are dealing with the so-called core 3, and realize that sometimes the franchise has to move on.