The Posada Controversy.

by David Veloz

I’m surprised it took this long for there to be a controversy between Jorge Posada and Yankees’ manager Joe Girardi.  But the fact that there is now a controversy isn’t much of a surprise for me.  When the Yankees announced that Jorge Posada would be the everyday DH, every Yankee fan in the world knew that sooner or later, Posada would become a problem.  Now that the Yankees have lost 8 out of their last 11 games, and the fact that Posada’s batting average is well below the Mendoza Line, were the right ingrediants to create the drama that Yankee and baseball fans witness last night in Yankee Stadium. 

For the past few years I have said that the Yankees shouldn’t be loyal to these “core” players who are getting old and are becoming a liability to the team.  Posada is one of those “core” players that is a liability, as his offensive production this season, aside from the few homeruns he hit earlier in the month of April, has really been zero.  Derek Jeter is also one of those players that is quickly becoming a liability.  Yes I know, he is the captain, and had to resign with the team for a ridiculous amount of money for the next three years.  But remember, the last Yankee captain was dumped by the team when the organization clearly recognized it had to move on (and the last Yankee captain is much bigger than the current one is). The only “core” player that is still a very important piece to the Yankees is Mariano Rivera.  Posada, Jeter will quickly become a burden on this team, a team, that from what I see now, is really on the decline.  I won’t cry if Posada, or Jeter, are treated the same way Bernie Williams was treated 4 years ago.