Don’t fear China’s rise.

by David Veloz

Why should I, or more broadly speaking, the West, fear the rise of China?  In China, we have a country that is rising by under developing itself, which seems counter intuitive. But if you think about it, the shocking story to come out of the country two weeks ago, of thousands of dead farm animals floating down its rivers, is a microcosm of the environmental degradation Beijing’s swift economic policies are having on the country.  China has grown exponentially in the past thirty years, yet, at the same time, has done more to harm its future development with the lax environmental regulations than any other developing economy in the world.  So again I ask, why should the west fear China’s so called rise?

Maybe the answer to this question is that our saintly think tank scholars believe that China’s ascendency on the global stage is a threat to America’s dominance.  Which is a valid fear if China could project its power beyond the Asia-Pacific rim.  Unfortunately for our scholars, China doesn’t have the influence America does, nor will it ever achieve it. In reality, the scholars sounding the alarm bells of China, are nothing more than harbingers of a new cold war.  These saintly scholars, policy wonks, whatever you want to call them, seat at their desks, write papers on how America should contain China’s rise in the hope that one day, their recommendations have the same impact on policy the way George Kennan’s long telegram shaped America’s containment strategy after World War 2.  After all, what good is a PhD in international relations for these scholars if their recommendations aren’t acted upon?