Cliven Bundy and Conservative Cognitive dissonance

The new cause celebre of the Tea Party movement is a Nevada rancher by the name of Cliven Bundy. Bundy in the last month or so, sent out a call for help against federal officials who, I believe, were attempting to stop the illegal grazing of federally owned lands by Bundy’s cattle. According to the federal government, Mr. Bundy owes the Bureau of Land Management fees for illegal grazing. Bundy not only hasn’t paid the fees, but he is also continuing the illegal grazing of lands. In order to stop Mr. Bundy, the BLM sent out federal agents to apparently seize the cattle and in the process there was a fight between them and Bundy family members.  This encounter apparently enraged the Tea Party and other conservative groups as another example of the Obama administration’s “abuse of power,” and how America is unrecognizable under this un American administration etc, etc.
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