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The Posada Controversy.

I’m surprised it took this long for there to be a controversy between Jorge Posada and Yankees’ manager Joe Girardi.  But the fact that there is now a controversy isn’t much of a surprise for me.  When the Yankees announced that Jorge Posada would be the everyday DH, every Yankee fan in the world knew that sooner or later, Posada would become a problem.  Now that the Yankees have lost 8 out of their last 11 games, and the fact that Posada’s batting average is well below the Mendoza Line, were the right ingrediants to create the drama that Yankee and baseball fans witness last night in Yankee Stadium. 

For the past few years I have said that the Yankees shouldn’t be loyal to these “core” players who are getting old and are becoming a liability to the team.  Posada is one of those “core” players that is a liability, as his offensive production this season, aside from the few homeruns he hit earlier in the month of April, has really been zero.  Derek Jeter is also one of those players that is quickly becoming a liability.  Yes I know, he is the captain, and had to resign with the team for a ridiculous amount of money for the next three years.  But remember, the last Yankee captain was dumped by the team when the organization clearly recognized it had to move on (and the last Yankee captain is much bigger than the current one is). The only “core” player that is still a very important piece to the Yankees is Mariano Rivera.  Posada, Jeter will quickly become a burden on this team, a team, that from what I see now, is really on the decline.  I won’t cry if Posada, or Jeter, are treated the same way Bernie Williams was treated 4 years ago.


Calling Torture, “Torture” isn’t taking sides.

The public editor of the New York Times had a piece out yesterday morning about his paper’s use of the word “torture” when describing the crimes committed by other states and the lack of its use when reporting on the Bush administration’s torture policies.  The reason for this according to Arthur  Brisbane was that reporters of The Times avoided using the word to remain impartial when reporting on the Bush administration’s program of “torture,” I mean “enhanced interrogation techniques.”  He cited the recent piece by Scott Shane–that was also co-authored by Bill Savage–that examined whether or not “enhanced interrogation techniques” (torture) led to bin Laden’s killing.  The reporters avoided using the word torture, because in their minds they believed they would have been taking sides in a “public debate about torture after bin Laden’s death.”  That, in a way, is the epitome of what is wrong with America’s news media.  The Times, as the rest of the American media, has gone out of its way to confuse readers–or viewers alike–with the fact that our interrogation techniques also constitute torture when done by our government, just as when they are done by other states.  The obfuscation by The Times even left some of its readers so perplexed that they signed their letters to the editor, “Confusedly yours.”

The fact of the matter is that there are no “two sides” to this debate.  Either torture is legal and morally right, or torture is illegal and morally wrong.  Calling waterbording, or any other “enhanced interrogation technique” torture, isn’t taking sides; it is calling the barbaric interrogation techniques used by our government by its rightful name.  The only debate here is that the supporters of torture want those of us who do not approve of torture, to recognize their sadistic support of torture as both legally and morally right.  By using the euphamism of “enhanced interrogation techniques,” the advocates of torture are minimizing the legal and moral significance the use of torture techniques like waterboarding means for a nation that is ruled by the rule of law and a Constitution that limits the government’s power to abuse suspects accused of crimes, including terrorism.  That is the only debate.

Yankees struggles continue…and Justin Verlander

After tonight’s 5-4 loss to the Boston Red Sox, the Yankees have now lost seven out of their last ten games and are now 2 games behind the Tampa Bay Rays.  There is really not much to write about tonight’s game, except of course the fact that the Yankees continue to struggle to get hits with runners in scoring position.  The Yankees were 1-for-7 and left 8 runners in scoring position.

I guess the only positive thing out of tonight’s game would have to be Bartolo Colon’s performance on the mound.  He has once again given the Yankees a quality start, just surrendering two runs in 6+ innings of work.  Even though he got into trouble in the 4th inning, he still managed to battle through and get out of that inning relatively unscathed by just giving up the two aforementioned runs.  What I liked about Colon’s performance tonight, unlike his last outing against the Rangers, was that his fastball had life to it.  Unlike last Saturday night, there was movement to his pitches that allowed him to get out of trouble when the Red Sox best hitters were at the plate.    Unfortunately for Colon, the Yankee lineup didn’t provide him with the same run support Clay Buchholz got from the Red Sox.   Hey, at least Carl Crawford’s hit streak is over!

Justin Verlander….

In an unrelated note, Justin Verlander followed his not hitter performance from last week by almost no-hitting the Kansas City Royals.  It seems that Verlander came as close as 4 innings from matching Johnny Vander Meer’s back-to-back no hit feat from 1938.   Verlander is also the second pitcher in the last three years to follow a no-hitter with 5 or more no hit innings on their next start.  Mark Buehrle in 2009 almost no hit the Minnesota Twins after tossing a perfect game against the Rays.  Now, lets hope Verlander doesn’t struggle the in the same way Buehrle did after his pitching mastery.

The bin Laden porn collection.

Should we be surprised that pornography was found in Osama bin Laden’s collection of computers, hard-drives, zip drives etc?  I’m not surprised by this revelation at all and it fits into what I have been saying about these Islamic fundamentalist for a long time: They really need to get laid.  What I find amusing however is the public image these Islamists create for themselves as the pure morally right religious people, while denouncing their enemies as godless and immoral.  In 2002 bin Laden wrote a letter to Americans denouncing our country’s “exploitation” of women.  He wrote:

Your nation exploits women like consumer products or advertising tools, calling upon customers to purchase them…You plaster your naked daughters across billboards in order to sell a product without any shame. You have brainwashed your daughters into believing they are liberated by wearing revealing clothes, yet in reality all they have liberated is your sexual desire.

He apparently wrote this at a time when he, or his trusted courier, was probably downloading internet pornography from the country and society that “exploits” women sexually.  The hypocrisy of these religious fanatics is getting old already.  I hope these people would stop preaching to the rest of us about morally and have them practice the religious purity they preach and kill for, before they tell others–or in Osama’s case force others–to live by their rules.  And as for the Islamists who are no doubt preaching sexual purity on the one hand, and on the other hand masturbating at pornographic films from the West, please, put down the guns, the porn, the Koran, and go out into your world, lift the burkas off your women and have sex–lots of it–and join the modern world once and for all.


This will be my first post on my new WordPress blog and I’m really excited about using this free service as a forum to express my thoughts on the things that interest me.  I will write about anything that is on my mind, like sports, politics, music, art or science.